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Automation is the WAY FORWARD

We at ISYS AUTOMATION PLT adore automation and believe that it is the WAY FORWARD. We work hard to provide trustworthy partnerships in order to encourage automated transformation for our clients.

Leave the tech to us.

About Us

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ISYS Automation PLT is founded in 2011.

Human Brain Technology


High Speed Press Line, Hot Forming, Forging, Palletizing, Injection Moulding, Glove Dipping, Welding.

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Malaysia, China

What We Offer

Robotic Arm Programming and Integration

We specialize in KUKA Robot Integration.

Industrial Programming

We use Siemens PLC to control all types of machines and plants.

Human-Machine Interface

HMI to effectively monitor and track the productions.

Automation Solutions

ISYS Automation PLT provides a range of services in meeting client needs across various automation and engineering fields:

We leverage our understanding on the needs of our clients, technical knowledge of engineering processes and requirements, and our expertise in software and development to deliver solutions for our clients.

Feasibility Study

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Project Management

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In-house Setup

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Site installation

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Our Projects

High Speed Press Line

Car Body Parts

Location: Shanghai, China

Hot Forming

Reinforce Car Body Parts

Location: Cheng Du, China


Crane Shaft

Location: Gebze, Turkey

Our Projects


Milk Powder Palletizing

Location: Selangor, Malaysia

Injection Moulding

Injection Moulding Project

Location: Penang, Malaysia

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